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We celebrate all shapes and sizes because we see nothing but beauty.
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GR8NESS isn’t something you do; it’s how you live.
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Infuse mindfulness and awareness into everything you do.
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Self Care
Refresh, renew, and reconnect with your inner self to nurture your wellbeing.
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Connect with all of humanity and discover your true self.
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We celebrate all shapes and sizes because we see nothing but beauty.
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A life in motion is a life well lived. Move. Discover. Grow.
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True health lies in finding the perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit.
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Chronic pain can be debilitating. Regain control of your body and mind.
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Remedies sourced from nature help heal pains, both seen and unseen.
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Feed your body properly and you’ll nurture more than just the physical.
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GR8NESS isn’t something you do; it’s how you live.
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Ease the way you move through life with simplicity and intelligence.
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Strengthening your relationships helps you celebrate who you’ve become.
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Raising children is the job of a lifetime. And you never get to retire.
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Our planet is a marvelous gift. Become the change the world needs by helping it heal.
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They’re an extended part of your family. Care for them the way they deserve.
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Infuse mindfulness and awareness into everything you do.
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While you cannot escape the stresses of life, you can find shelter inside yourself.
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Calming anxiety, easing depression, and discovering peace of mind are within your grasp.
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Everyday tools, training, and techniques to convince your brain it can be so much more.
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From mantras for self-love to changing the way you look at wellness.
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Self Care
Refresh, renew, and reconnect with your inner self to nurture your wellbeing.
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The journey of self-discovery is never-ending. Embrace your journey.
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Feeling good about your outside impacts how you feel about your inside. Feel beautiful both ways.
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Connect with all of humanity and discover your true self.
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Dive into your practice and experience something new every day. Give your mind some space to grow.
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Feed your mind with powerful positive statements to help you believe in yourself.
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In a fast-paced world, sometimes the best thing you can do is to breathe.
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GR8NESS expert Expert Reviewed
fathers day present
Image by fizkes / Shutterstock
7 Min Read Time

45 Affordable Father’s Day Gifts

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, you want to get the best gift possible for one of the most important men in your life. This is the guy who taught you how to skateboard or ride a bike, balance a checkbook and manage your finances, and is a role model you look up to every day. How can you find the right gift without spending a bundle?

Finding affordable Father’s Day gifts is doable, it just takes a little time and effort. Well, we’ve done all that for you. Check out our list of GR8 affordable Father’s Day gifts for GR8 dads.

no touch key tool

1.The Original Brass (No Touch) Key Tool

For hands-free contact when opening doors, the no-touch tool can also be used to press elevator and ATM buttons, open coolers, and refrigerators, turn on/off light switches, and more. $11.69 from RiotTactical on Etsy.

food dice

2.Foodie Dice® No. 1 Seasonal Dinners Inspiration

For the foodie dad who loves to cook, this is a fun, new way to create delicious, seasonal meals. $24.00 on Amazon.

fitness bottle sleeve

3.Fitness Bottle with Phone Sleeve

For fit dads who don’t want to be without their phones, this water bottle with a phone sleeve will keep them hydrated and connected. $15.00 on uncommon goods.

star wars ice mold

4.Star Wars Death Star Ice Mold

For the dad who is a Star Wars fan, this Death Star ice cube mold gives his drinks a shot of kitschy coolness. It’s easy to use, and the silicone mold goes right into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. $12.00 on Amazon.

digital thermometer

5.Taylor Waterproof Digital Thermometer

Another great gift for dads who like to cook, this wireless meat thermometer ensures perfectly cooked meat every time. $14.95 at Crate & Barrel.

nail holder

6.Magnetic Nail Holder

For dads who want to be handy but aren’t always, this magnetic nail holder makes hammering safer and easier. $9.95 from the Grommet.

apple charging station

7.Apple Charging Station

Help Dad keep all his Apple tech charged and ready to go with this charging station for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. $25.00 at Anthropologie.

kitchen set

8. Stonewall Kitchen Grill Kit

Calling all grill master dads, this gift is for them. He’ll get two sizzling barbeque sauces and three delicious spice rubs. $29.99 from Stonewall Kitchen.



9.Louann Portable Double Classic Hammock

Great for camping trips or relaxing in the backyard, this double hammock gives Dad plenty of space. Made of breathable parachute nylon, it is machine washable and quick-drying. $27.00 at Wayfair.


10.Dad Bod Crusher Tee

You can’t go wrong with this comfortable t-shirt perfect for dads of all types. $28.00 from Life Is Good.


12.Electronic Sportfishing Game

Support Dad’s inner sport fisherman with this electronic fishing game. He can choose a stream, lake, or deep sea. $25.00 from Urban Outfitters.

dad playbook

13. Dad’s Playbook

Filled with inspirational quotes, this book is perfect for new and experienced dads alike. $13.00 from uncommon goods.

reel viewer

14.Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create a personalized reel viewer with photos of you and dad. $14.95-$29.95 from uncommon goods.

tape measure

15. eTape 16 ft Digital Tape Measure

Once he uses this digital tape measure, he’ll wonder how he ever managed without it. $29.95 on Amazon.

mushroom grow kit

16.Shitake Mushroom Log Kit

For the mushroom-lover dad, this lets him grow three-years-worth of shitake mushrooms. $30.00 from uncommon goods.

multi tool

17.#1 Dad 5-in-1 BBQ Multi-Tool

This #1 Dad 5-in-1 grill set lets your dad know you love him and that you know he loves to grill. $29.95 on Amazon.


18.Dad to the Bone Apron

Whether your dad loves to grill or just loves to cook, this apron lets everyone know his skills are legendary. $19.95 from Paper Source.

health kit

19.Super Tech Kit

For super tech dad, this kit keeps all his tech needs in a handy pouch for traveling to work and back, or anywhere else. $26.95 at Paper Source.

shark socks

20.Shark Attack Socks

For the dad who lives for Shark Week or whose favorite movie was Sharknado, these fun and funky socks will keep him laughing. $11.50 on Amazon.

tool kit

21. 201pc Non-Powered Hand Tool Set – Durabuilt™

For dads who are new homeowners, this tool kit has everything they need and keeps it organized. They’ll never be hunting around the house for that Phillips screwdriver they need. $22.99 at Target.

guitar shaped cutting board

22.Kikkerland Bamboo Guitar Cutting Board

For the music-loving dad who also loves to cook, this bamboo guitar-shaped cutting board will make his day. $30.00 on Amazon.

rei membership logo

23.REI Membership

Dads who love the great outdoors will enjoy a membership in this community. He’ll get special offers, 10% back dividends, and special pricing on events and classes. $20.00 at REI.


24. Harry’s Truman Set

This sleek shave kit includes the Truman handles, three blades, and foaming shave lather. $15.00 at Harry’s.

hot sauce pack

25. The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce Three Pack

Made from Serrano peppers sourced from more than 30 community gardens in the Bronx, this is for the dad who likes it hot. $22.99 on Amazon.

exploding kittens game

26 Exploding Kittens Card Game

For the dad who’s still a kid at heart, this cult-favorite takes five minutes to learn and features cards illustrated by The Oatmeal. $19.99 on Amazon.

coffee subscription

27. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

For dads who like to start the day caffeinated, a coffee subscription will make sure they never run out of their favorite brew. Starts at $24.00 from Blue Bottle Coffee Company.

dad joke book cover

28. The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes: Because Your Dad Thinks He’s Hilarious

Just in case your dad had run out of dad jokes to embarrass you with, here’s a whole lot more of the. $13.95 from Barnes & Noble.

foam roller

29. Foam Roller for Sore Muscles

For weekend warrior dads who sometimes overdo it, this foam roller offers sweet, sweet relief. $13.95 on Amazon.


30. Monogrammed Genuine Leather Wallet

This beautiful monogrammed leather wallet comes in its own monogrammed box. How cool is that? $23.90 on Etsy.

book of messages to dad

31. What I Love about Dad Journal

When you can’t find just the right card or just the right thing to say, this journal gives you a book of prompts to complete and makes a personalized gift for dad. $7.68 on Amazon.

face scrub

32. Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub

For dads who think men need skincare, too, and like a super close shave, this exfoliating scrub will keep their skin in top shape. $18.00 on Amazon.

dad tshirt

33. Men’s Pinkfong Daddy Shark Official T-shirt

For dads who want to impress the toddlers in their life and are willing to hear that song at least one more time. $16.99 on Amazon.

tool pen

34. 5-in-1 Tool Pen

If you are not sure what to give your dad, try giving him five things at once: this pen has a screwdriver, stylus for smart devices, a level, ruler, and also a pen with clip. $25.00 from uncommon goods.

drinking glass

35. Urban Map Glass

Your dad can sip his favorite drink in a glass etched with a map of his favorite city. $16.00 from uncommon goods.

led light

36. Handy-Lite Snap-On LED Task Light

Dad can clip this light wherever he needs a little extra light. $12.95 on The Grommet.

gadget organizer

37. Cocoon CPG51BK GRID-IT! Organizer

For the dad who likes to be organized, or needs to be organized, this gift will help him keep everything in its proper place. $24.90 on Amazon.

tile device

38. Tile Mate

For the dad who forgets his keys or phone, the Tile Mate can ping its location within a 200-foot radius. $19.99 on Amazon.

coffee cup

39. Top Dad Coffee Mug

Tell dad what you think of him with an unapologetically cheesy coffee mug. $10.00 on Etsy.

dad coupon book cover

40. Personalized Father’s Day Coupon Book

Dads love a customized coupon book that lets him know you enjoy spending time together. $9.98 on Etsy.

slang flash cards

41. Slang Flashcards

For the dad who thinks he’s with it, but may not really be. $12.00 on uncommon goods.

beer foaming device

42. Beer Foamer

Give your dad the soft, rich, creamy foam that makes drinking beer worthwhile. One push gives dad silky, milky taste enjoyment. $19.99 on Amazon.

hot sauce making kit

43. DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

For the dad who may not cook, but likes to experiment and likes it spicey, this kit provides everything needed to make three 5-oz bottles of hot sauce. $34.95 on Amazon from Grow and Make.

engraved hammer

44. Engraved Hammer

A simple message engraved on a hammer lets your dad know you are grateful for the strong foundation he gave you in life. $29.99 on Etsy.

Mexican soft shelled tacos on a plate

45. Home-Cooked Meal

For the cost of the ingredients, you can give dad a homecooked meal. Check out these easy recipes and whip up something GR8 for a dad who is extra special.

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GR8NESS Writer
Stephany is a GR8NESS Contributing Editor who writes about pet care, CBD, stress, self care, meditation, time management, brain training, and natural remedies with a focus on the science behind it all. She has three dogs, three cats, walks half marathons, and practices yoga and powerlifting. You can often find her training her dogs or experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen.
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