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Woman with anxiety sitting in bed staring out window

How CBD Works For Treating Anxiety

In the past few years, Cannabidiol (CBD) has taken over the wellness world, becoming a favored remedy for anxiety. People turn to CBD oil to feel calm and to help with conditions like generalized anxiety. Even though research on CBD oil is still in its infancy, evidence it can help...
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A woman holds her head in pain from panic or anxiety
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What’s the Difference between a Panic Attack and Anxiety?

People often use the terms “panic attacks” and “anxiety” interchangeably. From a clinical and medical perspective, however, panic attacks and anxiety are two different things. They share some of the same symptoms, such as feeling stressed, experiencing a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, excessive worrying, and so on. Additionally, it’s common for...
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A view of a woman's midsection outdoors

Why Balancing Your Gut Can Help with Anxiety

It seems that more and more people are getting familiar with the concept of anxiety as a medical condition. In the US alone, about 18 percent of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. The effects of anxiety in our lives and bodies are still being studied, but ask anyone with...
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9 Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety While Pregnant

More than 1 in 10 pregnant women experience anxiety while pregnant. About 33% of women will experience clinical anxiety or depression at some point during their pregnancy. Meaning, you’re not alone in this. Pregnancy is, without a doubt, a very emotional experience, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. Anyone can...
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Man with hand on mouth suffering from social anxiety disorder
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What’s it Like to Have Social Anxiety Disorder? 

Do you find that you tend to obsess about things before or after they occur? Does a sometimes unexplained fear stop you from participating in social situations, or result in you feeling as though you’re not good enough? Though there is a spectrum, having these types of feelings often or...
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Are You Experiencing Eco-Anxiety? Here’s What to Do About It [Quiz]

Having anxiety is never easy. It plagues sufferers in ways that can feel debilitating. Triggers can range vastly from person to person. One emotion that tends to trigger anxiety is fear. One type of concern triggering many people today is eco-anxiety or concerns about the environment. Curious to see if...
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Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

When depression or anxiety strikes, it can go from an everyday lingering sadness in the background, to a debilitating sensation that impedes with force. Treating these conditions as early and effectively as possible is critical to the sustenance of life, as it can develop and worsen to a life-threatening point. More...