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Is the Low-FODMAP Diet a Fad?

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of diets out there. Unfortunately, some of these diets call for eliminating foods that contain necessary nutrients. Then there are the diets that cut out food groups entirely or eliminate specific foods during certain times of the day. These types of diets are what...
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What the Carnivore Diet Does to Your Gut Health

Before we start, I have a confession. The first time I heard about the carnivore diet, I thought this was a trendy name for the Keto diet or something similar. Well, it turns out the carnivore diet is precisely what its name implies, a diet that consists of meat and...
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Have You Experienced “Diet Shame”?

Although we’re not shy to state that our diet is no one else’s business, people still meddle. I cannot tell you how many times people have questioned my diet. While I don’t eat red meat or pork, I still indulge in the occasional chicken breast or fish. I guess people...
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What is the Alkaline Diet? Is It Healthy?

A popular practice of the ever-debated arena of dieting—the alkaline diet, has been popularized by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston. It’s boasted to balance the levels of acidity in the body by regulating the pH balance. All with the final promise of losing weight and being healthier. Is...
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Is the Keto Diet Safe?

From celebrities and lifestyle influencers to your friends and coworkers, it seems everyone is raving about the keto diet. But while some are praising the latest eating style, others warn it may be detrimental to your health. With so many conflicting – and often contradictory – fad diets, how do...
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What’s the Candida Diet? Who Should Follow it?

We’ve discovered that diets can do quite a lot for us. Manipulating your diet can help with anything from losing weight, to reducing your carbon footprint, or lessening your depression. To no one’s surprise, diet can also do quite a bit to harm us if we’re not careful. Gaining weight...
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What’s a Healthy Diet in Your Opinion? [Poll]

We all love to think we follow a healthy diet. If I look at my diet, I’d say it’s a pretty healthy diet, yet I do avoid certain vital foods like meat. Does it mean my diet is unhealthy? A balanced diet is expected to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains,...
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Diet or Exercise for Maintaining Weight Loss? Science Weighs In

Weight loss is a tricky endeavor. Everyone has a unique body and genetics, as well as conditioning as far as diet and exercise practices, and how their bodies respond. Age also plays a role as hormones, and metabolism change over time. So how can we better understand how weight loss...