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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Gut Health

Welcome to the complete guide to improving your gut health. If you're here to learn all about improving gut health, recognizing signs of an unhealthy gut, and the importance that gut health plays in your well-being, you've come to the right spot. Here at GR8NESS, we're dedicated to covering all...
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What Is Gut Health and Why Is It Important

As science and time progress, we learn more about how the body works, what we’ve been doing wrong throughout history—and what we’ve been doing right. One thing we keep exploring is the health of one’s gut. According to record, the study of gut health began in the mid-1880s. Since then,...
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11 Signs of Bad Gut Health You’re Missing

We’re just starting to understand the importance of good gut health. But, figuring out what our gut is telling us isn’t so easily recognized. Primarily since most of us don’t openly discuss what’s happening with our gut to our friends, so figuring out what’s “normal” is challenging. When it comes...
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How to Regulate Gut Health after Getting off Medications

Antibiotics are known for disrupting the balance of the gut microbiome, but did you know other medications can also do a number on your gut health? Our gut microbiome hosts about 1,000 unique species of bacteria, both beneficial and harmful. They help regulate our immune system, produce critical nutrients, help...
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Top 3 Ways to Eat for Gut Health

Every bite you take, every meal you eat, feeds the approximately 100 trillion bacteria in the gut and other organs. Throughout the last decade, there has been a deluge of new research and theories about how these microbes that inhabit our gut microbiome affect everything from whether we are getting...
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How Gut Health Can Affect Insulin Resistance and the Liver

Increasingly we are realizing that gut health can affect the entire body. From your immune system to digestion to brain health and sleep patterns, your gut microbiota affects it all. The trillions of fungi, bacteria, and microorganisms work hard to keep you healthy. The good bacteria in your gut keep...
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5 Sleeping Habits for Gut Health [Infographic]

Just in case you haven’t heard this a million times already, your gut has a direct link to your brain, and it affects everything you do. Yes, your gut is responsible for balancing pretty much everything in your body, including your sleep. Finding the right sleeping habits to care for...