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7 Life Hacks to Set Up a Meditation Practice

Meditation has many benefits that are backed by science. It's common to say to yourself "I should really start meditating," or have conversations with friends about the amazing things you hear about the practice. But you're busy, you're stressed, and you don't have a good place to meditate anyway. It's...
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A GR8 Guide to the Most Popular Types of Meditation

With origins in 5,000 BCE in India, meditation has been around for what seems like forever. These days, meditation has become increasingly popular as a way to handle stress and cope with anxiety. Also, many people meditate to improve their focus, exercise their brains, and for religious or spiritual reasons. According to...
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What’s Transcendental Meditation? And Why Hollywood Stars Love It?

The ancient practice of meditation has been shown to have significant benefits in modern-day life. From helping to reduce symptoms of anxiety, to improve your performance at the office, the betterment that meditation can provide to our lives seems endless. Here at GR8NESS, we've provided you with the tools to...
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Long-Term Benefits of Meditation Backed by Science

There's been a lot of talk regarding meditation lately, but is any of it backed by science? It's suggested as a way to help lessen anxiety and decrease stress, improve your focus, and clear your mind. It all sounds good in theory, but some remain skeptical. If you think meditation...
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Indoor vs. Outdoor Meditation: What’s Best?

Meditation is not a ‘one size fits all’ endeavor. Finding the meditation style that’s right for you is key to unlocking the benefits meditation has to offer. From reducing stress and controlling anxiety to lengthening attention span and enhancing self-awareness, meditation can do it all. Whether you’re a certified yogi...
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Can Meditation Be the Ultimate Brain Training Practice?

Even your brain needs to work out to stay healthy. It's no secret that meditation is touted as the ultimate brain training practice by those who use it. Meditation, when done correctly, has countless health benefits, and our brain takes most of the gains. Here are some benefits meditation has...
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The Science of Meditation: Can it Improve Neuroplasticity?

Our brains are dynamic by nature, built to be adaptable and resilient. Science calls this quality neuroplasticity. This is the reason why stroke patients can relearn skills. Our brains actively grow and rewire themselves in response to new learning and stimulation. For this reason, many people use brain training to...