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8 Yoga Videos to Stay Calm and Focused

Stress. You feel it creeping in the back of your neck. It seems you can’t escape from it, and so do 80% of workers in America. I’d say it’s fair to say that almost everyone out there has felt the effects of burnout at least once in the past few...
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7 Life Hacks to Set Up a Meditation Practice

Meditation has many benefits that are backed by science. It's common to say to yourself "I should really start meditating," or have conversations with friends about the amazing things you hear about the practice. But you're busy, you're stressed, and you don't have a good place to meditate anyway. It's...
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What Does Research Say about Mental Health and Yoga?

There are many physical health benefits of yoga, such as improving gut health and digestion, and building strength and flexibility, but what does research say about its effects on mental health? Some say that those who practice yoga develop the ability to remain calm and focused, but is there scientific...
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man meditating on a rock practicing yoga 101

The Basics of Yoga 101

Yoga is a vast collection of spiritual practices and techniques that are aimed at integrating the mind, body, and spirit in order to achieve a state of enlightenment and oneness with the universe. Yoga originated in ancient India but is now practiced in every corner of the globe. As a...
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5 Benefits of Yoga for Men

With all the different yoga styles and all the benefits that yoga brings. It’s not surprising that men are one of the fastest-growing segments of the population to unroll their mats. Yet, women still make up the majority of U.S. yoga practitioners. Maybe that’s because so many men still think...
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Strength Training & Yoga: A Match Made in Heaven?

At first, strength training and yoga seem so different that there’s no way the two should go together. However, both practices feed into one another to help you achieve your goals. Some might even say they go along like peanut butter and jelly. Each on their own is fantastic practices...
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Man practicing yoga and mediating in front green pastures
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Poll: Are Yoga and Meditation the Same?

Yoga and meditation are often referred to as the same, but are they? It doesn’t take an expert to know that the two are closely related and tend to go hand in hand; folded hands, of course. Even photos of the two acts that appear to be similar, blurring the...