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a black fidget spinner for adults with ADD or ADHD
Image by Charles Deluvio / Unsplash

Do I Have ADHD or ADD? Quiz: 5 Minute Questionnaire for Adults

Could you have ADHD or ADD? If you're concerned about symptoms you think could be ADD or ADHD, our quiz can help you determine whether you may or may not have symptoms that warrant further diagnosis by a doctor. Research suggests symptoms of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD or ADHD) persist well...
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Woman with vibrant curly hair smiling away from camera
Image by Rodrigo Borges de Jesus / Unsplash

Quiz: Get to Know Your Hair & Choose the Right Shampoo

In this Article: Get to Know Your Scalp Get to Know Your Hair Type Take the Quiz and Pick the Right Shampoo Picture yourself in front of the shampoo aisle at your favorite store. Feeling anxious? Overwhelmed? Confused? We don’t blame you when it comes to hair care options. It...
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Image by Lê / Pexels

Is Your Diet Healthy? [Quiz]

Is your diet healthy? We don't necessarily mean that new trend diet you recently tried, but what about your overall dietary lifestyle? The foods you buy every week at the grocery store or what you order when you go out to eat. Take the quiz below to find out, and...
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Woman carefully examining a container of food from a street market
Image by Shutterstock

Quiz: Are You Experiencing Food Sensitivity?

It seems like today everyone has some sort of food allergy or are complaining about some food sensitivity that keeps them from enjoying everything on the menu. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 20 percent of the world’s population struggles with food intolerance. When you read about “food sensitivity,”...
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woman wrapping holiday gifts
Image by Freestocks / Pexels

Is Self-Image Impacting Your Holiday Shopping? [Quiz]

Your self-image could be impacting your holiday shopping without you even realizing it. Take the quiz below to find out if this might be the case, and then keep reading to find out how and why this is. You might be surprised. [typeform url=""] How Poor Self-Image Affects Holiday Shopping...
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Image by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Do You Change Personalities? [Quiz]

Everyone adjusts the way they act in certain situations. You probably speak to your boss differently than you speak to your best friend, for example. These changes are entirely normal. What's appropriate in one setting may not be applicable in another, and recognizing that is a sign of maturity and...
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Image by Carolina Heza / Unsplash

Migraines vs. Headaches: Can You Spot the Difference? [Quiz]

Not all headaches are the same. Sometimes things like fluorescent lights can make your head hurt. Or, sometimes headaches are a secondary symptom of stress. One thing that everyone can agree on is that headaches are the worst. They interrupt your day, can make it difficult to concentrate, and they...