What is gr8ness?

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GR8NESS.COM is all about the never-ending journey of Self Care. It’s about learning how to be the Gr8est you, on your terms and in your own time. We started this journey to develop a Self Care community resource to learn about what Self Care means to different people and what you can do to make it your own personalized approach to building your Self Care plan.

What we strive to do is not only gather and write about the latest Self Care topics but to also critique Self Care articles through the eyes of our panel of experts. We don’t judge or filter, we screen and assess Self Care content and stories, so you can weigh it all up with a pinch of salt. Learn what is real science and what is simply opinion or thought. We do this in more of a lifestyle fashion so that it’s easy to digest when and where you want. After all, GR8NESS is a personal journey and you should have access to all the information and not have to assess what someone else thinks is right for you.

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We watch out for the latest topics people are searching for and then we broadcast the latest stories on that topic and then give you an honest assessment of the discussion through experts in various Self Care fields. This way you get both sides of any discussion. We also listen to you and if you have topics you’d like to know more about you can hit us up and we’ll find articles and assess them for you.

GR8NESS has also teamed up with Perrigo, a company that started more than 130 years ago, and is going on its own Self Care journey moving from pharmaceutical to a Self Care approach to helping its customers.

We hope you’ll enjoy what we do and more importantly we hope it helps you because we like to think that at GR8NESS.COM, YOU, starts here.

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Our Values

We have one guiding principle: truth.
We will provide you with honest, expertly curated and reviewed information on all things Self Care in an open, supportive ad free environment. And we’ll never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with any of that information—except right here, right now:
Strive for GR8NESS