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Geraldine is a GR8NESS Contributing Editor who writes about self care, clean makeup and beauty, mental health, and relationships – as well as natural remedies and fitness. She’s a coffee enthusiast with Venezuelan roots, a former ballerina, and the sunscreen patrol. Most of the time, you can find her working on her skincare routine or trying a new dance workout.

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The Benefits of Disconnecting from the Office After Hours

Work follows us everywhere we go. When you start a new job, you're asked to provide your cellphone number, download all communication apps on your phone, hey sometimes they even ask for you to download time management software to track your time. With technology making it easier than ever for...
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Can We Talk about Skincare for Dark Skin?

When it comes to the beauty industry, the fight against shade inequality is nothing new. For decades, the beauty world, including the skincare one, has left dark skin tones on the side. Thankfully, celebrities, inclusive advocates, and forward-thinking brands alike are becoming more inclusive and discussing all skin colors' concerns...
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6 Healthy Sugar Replacements to Try [Infographic]

With more people looking to adopt a healthier diet, sugar replacements and sugar alternatives continue to grow in popularity. The health benefits of saying goodbye to refined sugar and sugar intake, in general, might be limitless. However, as people start moving away from refined sugars, they don’t often know how...
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Is Dating Outdated? [Poll]

We live in a world of Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Hinge, and digital break-ups. People "meet" online, exchange a flurry of virtual messages, and eventually, maybe, arrange a time and place to meet up. But what happens after that? One round of drinks, perhaps a casual hookup, and they never speak...
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The Best Men’s GR8 Guide to Skin Care

While women often glory in their laborious skincare routines, men are still out there looking for a no-BS guide to skincare. Enter this GR8 guide. For those looking for a simple and straightforward way to care for their skin, without spending 30-minutes twice a day running through a 10-step routine,...