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How to Assess Your True Quality of Life

When it comes to assessing your quality of life, so much goes into consideration that not even researchers can agree on the true meaning. The truth is, quality of life has so many perspectives and factors that impact it, that choosing one way to analyze it seems almost impossible. For...
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What If You Could Text Your Therapist? Hint: You Can

Every year, millions of people in the United States and around the world struggle with mental illness. This roughly translates to 1 in 5 Americans struggling with mental illness each year. However, half of those cases go untreated. As mental health illnesses continue to rise, is virtual therapy the solution?...
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Is It Time to Re-label Self-Care as Self-Accountability?

We talk about the definition of self-care all the time. Understanding that self-care means something different to each one of us is key to practicing it. However, part of mastering self-care is self-accountability, because when you think about it, neglecting self-care in any of its forms is not taking responsibility...
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7 Mistakes People Make About Self-Care

Starting a self-care journey is exciting and filled with promise, after all, you can't go wrong if you're taking time for yourself. Unfortunately, this isn't entirely true. When it comes to self-care, many misconceptions lead us to make self-care mistakes that go against the purpose of the practice in the...
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Can Your Seasonal Allergies Be Related to Your Gut?

Think about it; how many people do you know with seasonal allergies? Hey, maybe you’re one of them. According to the CDC, around 12 million physician office visits are due to allergic rhinitis. That’s in one year. However, recent studies are claiming that an unhealthy gut might be responsible for your...
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How to Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery [Video]

Many new parents are choosing gender-neutral names and designing gender-neutral spaces for their little ones to grow up in. Traditional pink hues for girls and blue shades for boys are fading away. Whether you’re trying to encourage your child to step away from these color stereotypes, or you’re looking for...
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Is Cheating Worse Now? Here’s What We Know

Almost everyone I know cheated, had a partner that cheated, or knows someone who cheated. To be frank, I don't think cheating is a new thing. But, with social media, dating apps, busy schedules, and work travel on the rise, can cheating be worse now? What do you think? [playbuzz-item...