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Woman's hands with long red fingernails
Image by Canva

How Much Do You Know About Non-Toxic Nail Polishes?

You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. in biochemistry to decode the ingredient list on the back of your “non-toxic” nail polish bottle. Unfortunately, there are more than a few hard-to-pronounce ingredients in most nail polishes and no real government regulations on which ones warrant a “non-toxic” label. Congress has not updated...
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Man sitting on the dock of a lake looking at mountains
Image by Simon Migaj / Unsplash

How to Practice Self Talking?

Hear that little nagging voice inside your head? No, you’re not crazy. That’s just your inner voice: the commentator in your head that can either be your biggest fan or your worst enemy. Learn how self-talking can make that voice take a turn for the positive. What is Self Talking?...
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Cup of coffee sitting on a white dish
Image by Tyler Nix / Unsplash

Is CBD Coffee Worth the Hype?

Whether you take it black, sweet, or over ice, even just the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the morning can instantly drown the urge to crawl back into bed. If you’re someone who can’t face the day without their morning cup of Joe, a new type of brew might...
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Woman meditating outside overlooking canyons
Image by Matteo Di Iorio / Unsplash

Indoor vs. Outdoor Meditation: What’s Best?

Meditation is not a ‘one size fits all’ endeavor. Finding the meditation style that’s right for you is key to unlocking the benefits meditation has to offer. From reducing stress and controlling anxiety to lengthening attention span and enhancing self-awareness, meditation can do it all. Whether you’re a certified yogi...
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Close up of hemp plants
Image by Drew Taylor / Unsplash 

Confused about CBD? 5 Most Common Asked Questions, Answered by Experts

Right this second, someone somewhere is struggling to get to the bottom of the CBD trend. Perhaps that someone is you. Or maybe it’s your friend, parent, or grandparent. CBD seemingly swept onto the scene overnight, and now, plenty of intrigued potential customers are impatiently waiting to learn more. If...
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Young African American couple sitting back to back looking over their shoulders
Image by Arianna Jadé / Pexels
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Do Men and Women Experience Pain Differently? [Poll]

When it comes to pain, most assume that women hold the ultimate trump card: childbirth. While men might be stereotyped as the sex to grin and bear pain, women legitimately create and deliver an entirely new human from their own body. It begs the question: is pain tolerance different among...
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Close up of makeup foundation tube spilling pigment
Image by Marco Verch / Flickr 

Shades of Inequality: Are Makeup Manufacturers Addressing Diversity?

Classic ivory, fair ivory, natural ivory, ivory, porcelain, and fair porcelain. No, I’m not repeating myself. Those are the actual first six shades of a major cosmetic company’s latest foundation line. (Spoiler alert: they’re all essentially the same shade of white.) This isn’t news to anyone following the ever-evolving drama...
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Directions to the gym painted on a sidewalk
Image by George Pagan III / Unsplash

If You Skip The Gym This Many Times You Lose Motivation

If we asked everyone reading this article to raise their hand if they’ve skipped the gym this week, chances are hands would go up across the globe. We’re all guilty of skipping a workout (or two), but when does playing hooky snowball into losing motivation altogether? Starting a Vicious Cycle...