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Stephany is a GR8NESS Contributing Editor who writes about pet care, CBD, stress, self care, meditation, time management, brain training, and natural remedies with a focus on the science behind it all. She has three dogs, three cats, walks half marathons, and practices yoga and powerlifting. You can often find her training her dogs or experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen.

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A GR8 Self-Discovery Journal Guide

Get ready to meet a new version of yourself that has been hiding from you. Through this GR8 Self-Discovery Journal Guide, you’ll get to explore your genuine self under your own terms. With short prompts and guidance, you’ll ask yourself the right questions to reconnect with who you are. In...
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races united

12 Documentaries & Books to Learn about US Race Relations

Recent protests are less about specific police-involved deaths, although they are certainly the catalyst, but more about 400 years of systemic racism and oppression. If you don't experience it, it's easy to think that racism doesn't exist or that it's a minor issue. The recent unlawful deaths and protests tell...
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The Beauty of Going Makeup-Free [Video]

From berries to color lips to and burnt ash to highlight eyes, to makeup made of lead ore and copper, makeup has been used to enhance women’s, and sometimes men’s, appearance for thousands of years. Some love makeup, and some hate it. If you are a makeup wearer, can you...
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A GR8 Guide to Mastering Your Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the fuzziest subjects out there. One day eggs and bacon are bad for us. The next day, they are okay. What about fats and sugar? How many fruit and vegetables should we really be eating? Since what we eat can have a big effect on our...
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6 Breathing Exercises to Stay Calm

Over and over, we hear how breathing exercises can help us reduce anxiety, decrease stress, and remain calm. We may even know that there is science behind the phrase “take a breath." But how often do we try to find a breathing exercise only to get lost in a sea...
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Is Kombucha the Drink Your Gut Has Been Craving?

If you haven't jumped on the kombucha train, you may be wondering what kombucha is and what all the buzz is about. You may have seen it on the shelves of your local health food store and wondered what it was, and what was floating around inside it. This fizzy...
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Coronavirus Relaxation Techniques to Practice Indoors [Video]

During times of stress, having a few relaxation techniques at the ready can help keep you grounded. It’s difficult when we are constantly bombarded with information, and facts seem to be changing every other minute. We’re dealing with unexpected issues like suddenly working from home, keeping kids occupied, and basically,...