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Stephany is a GR8NESS Contributing Editor who writes about pet care, CBD, stress, self care, meditation, time management, brain training, and natural remedies with a focus on the science behind it all. She has three dogs, three cats, walks half marathons, and practices yoga and powerlifting. You can often find her training her dogs or experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen.

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student elearning on zoom

COVID-19 E-Learning Tips and Tricks for Success

Many schools around the nation are giving parents the choice to either send their kids to school or allow their kids to stay home and attend virtual school. Parents have learned that keeping their kids home to do online school isn't always easy, but in-person schooling may not be an...
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The GR8 Gift Guide for COVID in 2020

This may be the strangest holiday season ever. Celebrations are smaller, traveling is less, and many people are revising their holiday plans to lower the risks of spreading COVID-19. CDC guidelines that recommend social distancing can make it seem like skipping holiday celebrations is a good idea. Even though the...
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Image by R.F. Studio / Pexels

Emotional Dependency: How to Break the Cycle

When you're in it, emotional dependency can be hard to detect. It is a complex state and often feels like it is out of your control. It is generally a dependence on negative, unhealthy emotions, such as anger, aggravated forms of grief, and depression, but can also occur with pleasant...
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How to Cultivate Compassion Using Mindfulness

Compassion and mindfulness are generally considered to be innately human. After all, we, as a species, wouldn't survive up to this point if it weren't for the civilizations built to help each other survive. However, as the centuries pass and with the scarcity of resources, it has become apparent that...
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Tech Gifts to Bring Your Family Together in 2020

2020 has been a tough year for all of us - coronavirus has affected us in more ways than one. For example, we may have been stuck at home when we didn't want to be, kept apart from friends and family members. It's that second part we want to focus...
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The Ultimate Mental Well-Being Guide for Everyone

Mental well-being is an essential part of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is just as important as your physical health. Mental well-being affects your ability to handle everyday stressors in all areas of life. Because it affects all areas of life, it depends on factors such as self-acceptance,...
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How to Celebrate the Holidays Digitally

The year 2020 has been challenging for all of us, but again, it has presented us with an opportunity to learn new things, have new experiences, and learn valuable life lessons. We have also seen human resilience and ingenuity-two innate qualities that help us solve and see ourselves through any...
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How to Embrace Being Single During the Holidays

It's that time of year when you start hearing about, or seeing on social media, other people's holiday plans. Are your BFF and their long-time partner planning a romantic New Year’s Eve in Greece? Be super happy for them without an inch of envy because you are about to learn...