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Coping with the Stress of the Political Election

Does thinking about the upcoming election stress you out? You're not alone. A study carried out by the APA stated that 52% of the American people view the American election as a source of stress. This phenomenon cuts across both the Republicans and the Democrats. Dr. Steven Stosny coined the...
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22 Alternatives to Trick or Treating This Halloween

When it comes to Halloween 2020, things are going to be a little different than we're used to this year. The tradition of trick or treating is still continuing, depending on where you live. Some towns and cities have decided to press pause on the activity this year, while others...
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Surprising Things That Are Not Vegan [Infographic]

When you follow a vegan diet, you know not to eat meat, dairy products, and eggs. And if you follow a vegan lifestyle, you know not to wear clothes made with leather, fur, or feathers. However, there are some things on your shopping list that may not be as vegan...
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7-Day Vegan Challenge | Recipes, Tips & More

Join Our GR8 7-Day Vegan Challenge I’ve been a vegan for a while now, after going back and forth from vegetarian (cheese) and pescatarian (protein). So I know going completely vegan can be a challenge, and the thought of taking it up for the foreseeable future can be even more...
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A GR8 Self-Discovery Journal Guide

Get ready to meet a new version of yourself that has been hiding from you. Through this GR8 Self-Discovery Journal Guide, you’ll get to explore your genuine self under your own terms. With short prompts and guidance, you’ll ask yourself the right questions to reconnect with who you are. In...
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races united

12 Documentaries & Books to Learn about US Race Relations

Recent protests are less about specific police-involved deaths, although they are certainly the catalyst, but more about 400 years of systemic racism and oppression. If you don't experience it, it's easy to think that racism doesn't exist or that it's a minor issue. The recent unlawful deaths and protests tell...
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The Beauty of Going Makeup-Free [Video]

From berries to color lips to and burnt ash to highlight eyes, to makeup made of lead ore and copper, makeup has been used to enhance women’s, and sometimes men’s, appearance for thousands of years. Some love makeup, and some hate it. If you are a makeup wearer, can you...