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Feeling Low? Find Out if it Could be a Vitamin Deficiency [Quiz]

If a lack of energy is plaguing you, it's natural to consider the source. Many times, we feel tired because we slept horribly for weeks, or we can't seem to catch a break. Feeling tired can even leave us feeling tired. Who has the energy to find the source? Well,...
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Are You a Mindful Eater? [Quiz]

Picture this, you're eating lunch, answering emails, and checking your social media feed. Then, you look down and there's no food. You know you just ate it, and you vaguely remember, but not exactly. Maybe you were eating a bag of chips while watching a movie, only to discover the...
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Body Positivity vs. Body Neutrality [Poll]

You've heard about body positivity, and you've heard about body shaming. Have you heard about body neutrality? It's a buzzword that's going around the internet, and I'll admit I hadn't heard of it myself. But I was determined to get to the bottom of what it is. The word neutral implies...
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Poll: Do Guys Use Body Pillows?

Body pillows are what they sound like, large cushions that are meant to support your entire body while you sleep. They originated in Japan, where they're known as dakimakura, which translates to a pillow that you cling to or embrace. We couldn't find any hard numbers regarding the use of...
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Should You Train for Your Body Type? [Quiz]

Thinking of giving training according to your body type a try? Take our quiz to find out what your body type is and how to best address training. [playbuzz-item wp-pb-id="881617" item="8011b972-ac8f-4c89-b20b-7ec06ec06db0" info="false" shares="false" comments="false" recommend="undefined"] Our bodies are so unique and incredible. While you may know of others that are...
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Do You Think All Body Types Are Beautiful? [Poll]

Do you? As an individual, have you questioned your position on beauty and what you truly define as such? Alternatively, have you thoroughly questioned why? We all have a clear image of the western standard of beauty that has been integrated into countless industries that we interact with daily, shifting...
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What Male Body Type Are Women Most Attracted To? [POLL]

The male body type that women are most attracted to might not be entirely as subjective as you think.  Scientifically, it's been proven that body type signals health and fertility to potential mates for both sexes, so it makes sense that women are more attracted to certain male body types...