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Sometimes you’re not in the mood to read an article, and we appreciate that, too. Here you’ll find a variety of GR8 videos, fun slideshows, unique infographics, and downloadable wallpapers to help your body-care routine. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit, check out what we have to share.

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Give Lymph Draining a Try and Transform Your Body [Video]

If you haven't heard, the lymphatic system has been getting a lot of attention from the beauty industry, especially as of late. Pioneered by Emil Vodder Ph.D. and his wife Estrid Vodder as early as the 1930s, people have been draining their lymph nodes for quite a while. The Rise of...
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What Your Body Language Says About You [Slideshow]

Your body language can say more about you than the words you speak. It provides nonverbal clues to those around you about your attitude and emotions. Even without you realizing it, your body language is a window to your thoughts. You may think your body language is insignificant, but it...
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What Happens to Your Body When You Take CBD

What Happens to Your Body When You Take CBD?

Cannabis sativa or hemp has been widely used by generations of people throughout the world for recreational and healing purposes. Now touted for its potential health benefits, you can find a mind-blowing array of products and ways to take CBD. With all the current buzz around CBD oil and its...
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Blended images of woman thinking and wallpaper with marijuana leaves and oils

CBD vs. Marijuana: How Your Body Reacts [Infographic]

You start feeling more at ease, suddenly that back pain doesn’t hurt as much, your heart starts pumping, and your troubles seem to fade away for a moment. That can only mean one thing: you’re smoking marijuana. Or wait, is it the CBD that you’re vaping? The wellness world has...