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Dr. Cynthia Barber

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Cynthia Barber, Ph.D., is a renowned researcher in biochemistry and pharmacology. She is currently Senior Director of Innovation for Perrigo LLC. Dr. Barber has published extensively in the areas of biochemistry and molecular genetics and nutrition. She received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech, and her Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from University of Virginia.

Reviewed Articles
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athletic man and woman stretching before working out
Image by Sebastian Soska / Pixabay

Do Men and Women Lose Weight Differently?

Have you ever gone on a diet with your significant other and noticed that men and women lose weight differently? Ladies, if you're struggling with the fact that the pounds aren't flying off as fast as your man's, don't be discouraged. Stay motivated. It's been scientifically proven that men and...
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man waiting in airport terminal staring out the window at plane taking off
Image by Jeshoots  / Unsplash

How to Prepare Your Gut for Traveling Overseas 

The wonder of travel puts us in a position where we are primed to face new experiences with a capacity that tends to be more expansive than our everyday lives. All of a sudden, we’re open to different habits, trying new things, and tend to toss our routines to the...
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two plastic containers of french fries with ketchup

8 Worst Foods for Your Gut

Caring for your gut is not always a clear do and don’t game. The many ways that people respond to the variety of food choices out there can create a gray space in trying to understand which foods to stay away from. Certain foods like dairy products, for example, can tread...
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woman smiling while taking probiotic supplement
Image by Shutterstock

Do Women Need Different Probiotics Than Men? [Quiz]

If you’ve ever wondered if you have the guts to be different, you do. No matter which way you slice it, we all have variances in the bacteria present in our guts. A subdivision of these differences exists between those with female reproductive and digestive systems and their male counterparts....
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Young man sitting on couch holding his stomach in pain
Image by New Africa / Shutterstock

Wait a Minute. My Hormones & Gut Are Connected?

Odds are you probably spent years thinking your gut and digestive system are related to food, stomach aches, or maybe even weight. Have you ever stopped to think about what else your gut might be connected to? We recently explored the brain-gut connection, and we're not about to stop there. Next...
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man hiking through rain-forest for fresh air
Image by Blake Cheek / Unsplash

Can Breathing Fresh Air Help Us Feel Better?

It’s no secret that breathing is essential for life. But breathing fresh air is also necessary for our health and well-being. Especially for adults who find themselves sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day. If you can’t remember the last time you ran through fields, walked on the...
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A spread of international seafood that could causes issues in gut health

Can International Foods Mess Up My Gut?

You’re anticipating your vacation and looking forward to exploring new places and eating delicious food. For many of us, savoring the local flavors is a big part of international travel. Unfortunately, also for many of us, so is the upset stomach that can come with eating unfamiliar food. There’s nothing...
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Man holding a piece of steak
Image by Armando Ascorve Morales / Unsplash

What the Carnivore Diet Does to Your Gut Health

Before we start, I have a confession. The first time I heard about the carnivore diet, I thought this was a trendy name for the Keto diet or something similar. Well, it turns out the carnivore diet is precisely what its name implies, a diet that consists of meat and...