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Debbie Ryan

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Debbie Ryan, was the women’s basketball coach for the University of Virginia and the American woman’s 2003 Pan American Games team. She was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. A 20-year survivor of pancreatic cancer, she is a passionate advocate for healthcare philanthropy.

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young woman lifting light weights
Image by bruce mars / Pexels

5 Benefits of Lifting Light Weight

If you've been looking into strength training, you may be wondering about the benefits of lifting light weights. Not everyone is a heavy lifter, and not everyone wants to be. Sometimes you're looking for an effective workout, with low risk of injury, that will still hope you reach your workout...
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Woman reconnecting with her body after trauma
Image by freestocks / Unsplash

How to Reconnect with Your Body After Trauma

Trauma, whether physical or emotional, can be profoundly impactful to the body. Any form of significant trauma exposes a person to post-traumatic stress. When the injury is bodily, cognitive dissonance may occur between the mental sense and part of the body as a way to suppress the processing of the...
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man practicing rationale emotional behavioral therapy
Image by Christopher Beddies  / Unsplash

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy: Negative Thought Control? 

Our brains have capabilities beyond our comprehension, and sometimes we’re left wondering: Are they controlling us, or are we controlling them? Rational Emotive Behavioral Theory (REBT) serves as a point on our team. It's a comforting reminder that although our brains do as they please, they still answer commands somewhat...
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fit male practicing functional training with a kettle ball
Image by Taco Fleur  / Unsplash

Poll: Is Functional Training Good or Bad?

When it comes to weight training, the most prevalent stereotypes are those consistent with bodybuilders and Olympic style weightlifting. Strength training is closely associated with lifting heavy weights with high intensity. Now, let us introduce you to functional strength training. What Is Functional Strength? Functional strength training is slightly different...
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Young man with his eyes closed smelling a yellow flower

The Real Power of Breathing

The real power of breathing extends far beyond simply filling our lungs. Our bodies rely on our respiratory system for quite a lot, as all of our major bodily functions are ultimately connected. In fact, every single cell in our bodies relies on our respiratory health to work properly, as...
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Aerial view of medical chart and medical equipment
Image by Raw Pixels / Pexels

At-Home Gut Health Tests: Are They Legit?  

Any time new research emerges to clue us in on the latest in the wealth of health, we have questions. Gut health has been familiar with the scene for the last ten years, recently taking center stage. With research supporting the countless ways gut affects our overall health, people are...
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A bowl of leafy greens next to a bowl of grains

Leafy Greens: The Best Ones for Your Health

Leafy greens are known as superfoods. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals, have high fiber content, and are low in calories. They’re known to have cancer-preventing antioxidants and are also low in carbohydrates. Some provide health benefits like decreasing one's weight, which helps lower heart disease and blood pressure. There are...