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Is Strength Training the Key to a Healthy Brain?

I think we can all agree that having a healthy brain is an integral part of making the most out of your life. Everything you do involves your brain, for better or worse. Truly, it is just that—better or worse, depending on how your brain is doing. A healthy brain...
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Leaky Gut? Stem the Tide with Seaweed

When digestive problems begin, they bring with them inevitable questions. We want to understand why we’re experiencing the symptoms we are so that we can get back to normal as soon as possible. Feeling sick has a way of causing us to stop, reconsider, and act. If you’re someone who...
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How Joe Rogan Feels about CBD Oil

The extensive discussion on CBD has broken ground across industries, communities, and populations. Medicinal, natural and herbal, CBD has gained popularity for its potential benefits and accessibility. Its extraction of THC allows for it to provide many benefits of marijuana without the controversial psychoactive effects. One person who stands firmly...
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9 Moments in History that Inspired Change

Why does social change happen when it does? Societies have a particular order, but at certain moments in time, this order becomes susceptible to change. Sometimes the moments are small, the catalyst a seemingly ordinary person. Other times they are big, led by a groundswell of momentum. Either way, certain...
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5 Things Humans Can Do Automatically

The human mind is a beautiful thing. Sometimes, we take it for granted. There are countless things that our brains do every day as they react to stimuli without our consent or conscious action. These are the things we don't even think about, yet are the key to our existence....
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How to Breathe Yourself Out of an Argument

An argument can get heated, and sometimes pretty quickly. What began as a slight disagreement can become a raging argument in the blink of an eye. When this happens, and tempers flare, true communication is lost. Feelings get hurt, and in some cases, relationships are ruined. It doesn’t have to...
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Understanding a Healthy Rate of Weight Loss

Concluding that you’d like to lose weight is confusing. You might begin a process of retracing your steps, all the while, feeling eager to take new ones. If you’re serious and strategic about your efforts, you might need a plan for achieving a weight loss goal. This tends to bring...