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Struggling with Anxiety? Try Acupressure [Video]

Most people experience anxiety, whether they call it anxiety or being very stressed out. However, those who struggle with long-term anxiety know a bit too well that these symptoms can be debilitating. Therapy, medication, or a combination of both is often the course of action to tackle anxiety. However, acupressure,...
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4 GR8 Holistic Ways to Treat Anxiety

Anxiety disorder affects millions of people across the world. In most cases, anxiety can have a negative effect on your emotion, mood, health, and relationships with others. The good thing is that anxiety can be treated. In fact, there are several holistic ways that work exceptionally well in treating this...
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How to Train Your Brain to Deal with Anxiety

We all know the feeling. Your heart starts racing, your palms get sweaty, and you become fearful or full of worry. That's anxiety talking. It's prevalent, and everyone is bound to experience it at one time or another. And seeking mental health aid is more common than you think. It's...
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How to Use Meditation as a Coping Mechanism for Anxiety

Anxiety can cause crippling moments in a person's life. It clogs up the brain with fear and worry that seems almost impossible to get rid of. Many Americans find themselves at doctors or therapists in search of a medical remedy that can help aide in coping with anxiety. This process--doctor...
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Should You Ever Embrace Your Anxiety? [Quiz]

With anxiety being a widespread thing that touches many—it has developed quite a name for itself. Anxiousness affects every individual differently and is caused by endless variables, both detectable and beneath the surface. We're used to hearing that anxiety is a tough, negative emotion often neighboring depression. We understand that...
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Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Anxiety [Video]

In a stressful world, we all need tools to help us relax and reduce our anxiety. One of the best techniques for reducing anxiety is progressive muscle relaxation (PMR). You know it's good because it has relaxation in the name. PMR is an easy, relaxation technique that anyone can use...