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At GR8NESS, we value the voice of our readers. Let us know how you feel about self-care products, routines, and behaviors. Your feedback helps shape our content, so we can show you the things you want to see.

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What’s an Inferiority Complex? Do I Have It? [Quiz]

Are you bothered by consistent feelings that you lack for some reason? Whether you've always felt that way, are starting to experience them after difficult times, or feel as though they've come out of nowhere—feelings of inferiority can be disheartening. When occurring for an intense or prolonged amount of time,...
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What Daily Stressors Affect You the Most? [Poll]

Many daily stressors seem impossible to escape. Traffic on the way to work, tight deadlines or upcoming school assignments, and staying within your allotted budget. These things are stressful for everyone and are a part of life. Let us know which one of these daily stressors affects you the most...
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Is NOT Helping a Form of Self Care? [Poll]

By now, you may have heard that self-care can take many forms. It could mean taking a break, caring for the environment, reading, and more. It can be loosely defined as a means of connecting with and refreshing oneself. However, it can be agreed that neglecting self-care is not a...
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Should You Care Less to Practice Self-Care? [Poll]

If we place a magnifying lens over the word "care" in self-care, there is quite a lot to unpack when considering what it might mean to different people. Could you be one of the people who would benefit from caring less? Take the poll and let us know. [playbuzz-item wp-pb-id="489422"...
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Is Self-Care Here to Stay or Is It a Passing Trend? [Poll]

Self-care has made a name for itself, that is for sure. It’s a simple concept that is also abstract, yet seems to continue to grow and remain relevant. Do you think it’s here to stay? [playbuzz-item wp-pb-id="631689" item="ff072869-3bb5-4687-9498-a1649b2912c7" info="false" shares="false" comments="false" recommend="undefined"] The Self-Care Boom While some are in celebration...
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Is Your Self-Care Routine Healthy? [Quiz]

While no two people have the same definition of self-care, it’s important to assess if your views are healthy. Sometimes self-care can seem selfish. That doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. Other times, self-care can feel almost like work, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Regardless of what...
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Poll: What’s Your GR8 Self-Care Routine Like?

Let’s look at the definition of self-care, that one being “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health.” Based on that definition alone, we can all agree that self-care means different things to you and me. And guess what, that’s fabulous! None of us are the same,...
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Do You Support Instagram Banning Plastic Surgery Inspired Filters?

We've covered how social media may be impacting the way you see yourself, and it seems that social media companies may agree. Instagram recently announced that it's banning all filters that promote or give users the appearance of having had plastic surgery. The company cited concerns about users' mental health...