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At GR8NESS, we value the voice of our readers. Let us know how you feel about self-care products, routines, and behaviors. Your feedback helps shape our content, so we can show you the things you want to see.

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A man calculates his finances, a form of self-care
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Poll: Is Managing Your Finances an Act of Self Care?

No one likes to talk about money, but let's get down to it because managing your finances is a type of self-care. Think about self-care for a minute. What comes to mind? Probably face masks, meditation, building your self-esteem, and so on. All of these things are part of self-care....
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Two men, one young and one old, smile together in a nature setting
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Poll: Why Self Care Is Important for Caregivers

A caregiver is a person whose primary responsibility is to help another perform activities of daily living. Caregivers must remember that their self care is important too, as so much of their time is spent focusing on others. Caregivers' self care can sometimes fall by the wayside, leading to burnout....
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A man sips coffee with his cat, pondering the meaning of self-care
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What Does Self Care Mean to You? [Poll]

What is self care? The official definition of self care is "the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress, or taking action to preserve and improve one's health," according to the Oxford Dictionary. The definition leaves much open to...
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A smiling man with headphones listens to an effective self-care app
Image by Bruce Mars / Pexels

Are Self-Care Apps Really Worth It?

We've asked if self-care books are worth it, but what about self-care apps? There are tons of them out there, ranging from self-talk apps to meditation apps, and even apps to help keep your brain healthy. In today's society, the possibilities seem endless, and it's been shown that the use of...
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Pile of many open books next to a window
Image by John-Mark Smith / Unsplash

Are Self Care Books Worth It?

We all have, or can develop, the tools and techniques to help us cope with the chronic or acute challenges in life. One of these tools is self care, which is gaining traction as an essential part of wellness. From decluttering to meditation to self-massage, there are many relaxation and...
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A man with dreadlocks consciously practices self-care
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Quiz: Do You Practice Conscious Self Care?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the buzz around self care. At GR8NESS, we celebrate the rise in popularity and the importance we’re all placing on self care. Are you sure you’re practicing conscious self care? Can you be 100% sure your self care routines are...
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group of female friends laughing over self care quiz results
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What’s on Your Self Care Bucket List? [Poll]

More and more people are purchasing candles, splurging on skincare, squeezing in an extra yoga class, and taking days off to get as much self care as they can. We all need self care, but sometimes we stress ourselves out trying to do all the self care activities we think...
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woman holding neck and smiling up at the sun
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How Much of a Priority is Self Care for You? [Poll]

It’s no secret that we’re juggling countless things at once: being the perfect friend, spouse, child, worker, etc. On top of that, we’re also being pressured by everyone around us to always be happy, achieve more, work harder, do more. It seems like a vicious cycle that won’t end well...