Self-Care Slideshows, Videos, Wallpapers & Infographics

Sometimes you’re not in the mood to read an article, and we appreciate that, too. Here you’ll find a variety of GR8 videos, fun slideshows, unique infographics, and downloadable wallpapers to help your self-care routine. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit, check out what we have to share.

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Daily Self-Care Checklist to Keep Close [Infographic]

Self-care isn’t about the big picture all the time. Paying attention to the small actions is often easy to overlook, but it’s necessary to lay the foundations for self-care. When you focus on the little things you need to do to care for yourself, it’s easier to view that bigger...
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How Self-Care Changes As We Age [Infographic]

Self-care changes as we age, just like almost everything else. Nothing stays the same forever. We change jobs, go through breakups, we make new friends. Our weekend activities change as we get older. When we're younger, we might spend them partying with friends. As new parents, we spend them at...
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Make Your Own At-Home Spa Day [Video]

We know, going to the spa is a fantastic experience. Turning down a spa day is like turning down a slice of cake, except instead of sparing yourself the extra calories, you're not avoiding anything harmful but the fees. Spa days minus the cost are awesome, and depending on what...
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Self-Care Routines by the Season [Infographic]

Alright GR8 fam, are you ready for your year-round directive for self-care routines? Here at GR8NESS, we believe self-care is an ongoing journey. We know it can feel like the years fly by in the time of an extra-long bubble bath, and with that, that self-care tends to slip down...
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Free, Downloadable GR8 Wallpapers for January 2020

Get yourself and your tech ready for the best year yet. Download these free tech backgrounds to set yourself positive reminders that motivate you to keep going. Regardless of your personal goals this year, these backgrounds can help you find the drive you’ve been looking for. Bring Your Soul Download...
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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Winter [Slideshow]

While self-care can look different for everyone, the wintertime presents some unique opportunities to be kind to ourselves for the season. Winter hits no matter who you are, and while the cold can make you feel like doing less—it's a GR8 time to do a little extra for ourselves. The...