Self-Care Slideshows, Videos, Wallpapers & Infographics

Sometimes you’re not in the mood to read an article, and we appreciate that, too. Here you’ll find a variety of GR8 videos, fun slideshows, unique infographics, and downloadable wallpapers to help your self-care routine. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit, check out what we have to share.

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A woman applies a skincare mask as part of her self-care routine

8 Easy Ideas to Add to Your Self-Care Routine [Slideshow]

Some people have the idea that a self-care routine needs to be this elaborate, spa-like day filled with relaxing activities. Regardless of what self-care means to you, you must be aware of its importance. Setting 5 minutes of your day to focus on self-care can help you prevent burnout, give...
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A woman scrolls through joyous holiday desktop wallpapers
Image by This Is Me / Shutterstock

GR8 Holiday Wallpapers for a Joyous Time

Not sure about you, but once the holiday season officially kicks in, I turn into a holiday billboard. My phone, desktop, and my house instantly get the holiday treatment. Everything from holiday screensavers, holiday mugs, and yes, holiday tea assortments come out once December 1st hits. Here's my attempt to...
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A young couple striving for self-care, selflessness and self-healing
Image by Unsplash

Breaking It Down: Self-Care, Selflessness, and Self-Healing

It’s 2019, we have a word and a term to label pretty much everything in our surroundings. So, when our personalities, our ways of living, and our priorities take on specific shapes, we label them. Lately, we’ve been focusing on self-care. Consequently, that brings us the topic of selflessness, which...
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Two people practice self-care by embracing nature in an open field

5 Unconventional Ways to Practice Self Care [Slideshow]

When it comes to self-care, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is: Do you know what self-care works for you? If you’ve always been a little skeptical about the importance of self-care, this is a question worth thinking about. Spa days, yoga classes, candle-lit bubble baths, or a...
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Laptop with inspirational quote sitting on desk

Subconscious Self Love: Wallpapers to Save the Day

Sometimes the ever-revolving wheels of the time suck us in, and before we know it, we’re at the end of our to-do lists, and another day has passed. With the passing of everyday life, factoring in self-care often needs to be a conscious act that we make time for; penciling...