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A GR8 Guide to Mastering Your Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the fuzziest subjects out there. One day eggs and bacon are bad for us. The next day, they are okay. What about fats and sugar? How many fruit and vegetables should we really be eating? Since what we eat can have a big effect on our...
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6 Breathing Exercises to Stay Calm

Over and over, we hear how breathing exercises can help us reduce anxiety, decrease stress, and remain calm. We may even know that there is science behind the phrase “take a breath." But how often do we try to find a breathing exercise only to get lost in a sea...
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10 Life Hacks to Organize Everything Neatly [Slideshow]

There are life hacks that every homeowner should know, and how to organize everything neatly is definitely one of them. We all know what it's like, rushing around in the morning trying to find everything you need to get out the door. Or, scrambling around looking for things in the...
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Coronavirus Relaxation Techniques to Practice Indoors [Video]

During times of stress, having a few relaxation techniques at the ready can help keep you grounded. It’s difficult when we are constantly bombarded with information, and facts seem to be changing every other minute. We’re dealing with unexpected issues like suddenly working from home, keeping kids occupied, and basically,...
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Turning Off the News May Benefit Your Mental Health

I've always considered myself a very in-the-know type of person. Every morning I wake up, check my e-mails, my social media feeds, and then I check out what the major news outlets are saying. I even have a paid subscription to several online newspapers. Six months ago I would have...
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Self-Care 101

The Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Everyone

Whether you are dipping your toe into the waters of self-care for the first time ever, or are an ultimate guru of all things relating to personal development, serenity, and inner peace, GR8NESS is the place for you. We are a community of individuals who are all on the same...
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5 Top Free Online Parenting Classes for New Dads

From the excitement of finding out that you're going to become a father, to learning how new dads can help out, there’s a lot going when you bring your new bundle of joy home. Kids don’t come with directions, and often it may seem as if you are on your...
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27 Self-Care Activities & Ideas for Nurses

Nurses, you are our healthcare heroes. We know that you work long hours on your feet all day while you take care of those who need you the most. You're selfless, compassionate, and work for the GR8ER good. That's what makes our hearts happy here at GR8NESS. But with GR8...